SoapHutch Plexiglas Tray Mold with Divider

Tray Mold with Divider

For Serious Soapmaking!

The Flat Tray Mold design for Big Production! This mold holds up to 30 pounds of soap.

The Tray Style Mold (bottom part) is 22" x 11" with 4" high sides. When fully filled, this mold will hold 30 pounds of soap. The mold has a removable bottom plate for the easiest unmolding possible. The clear as glass bottom plate is held on with bolts and wing nuts. You may use this tray style mold alone to make a slab of soap to be cut any way you desire. You can cut the block of soap into logs and slice.

The optional divider has 35 compartments that will yield up to 140 bars (3" x 2" x 3/4") when you pour 22 to 23 pounds of soap (about 3" deep). You can get 70 bars when you use a 15 pound batch, depending on how thick you slice your bars. The divider has handles on the top for easy handling. Made of 1/4" Plexiglas, this divider is strong enough to last for years of soapmaking.

This design has been thoroughly tested with CP and HP batches. This mold is wonderful for those big batches of 15 to 30 pounds.

Tray Mold with Divider


Mold Design Details!

This standard size mold as shown here sells for $160.00. Custom sizes are available. Availability on the standard size tray is three to four weeks. Custom sizes can take up to six weeks to ship.

The standard divider to fit the tray style mold is listed here for $85.00.
We do make custom size dividers to fit your custom tray style mold. Custom dividers are very laborious and take several weeks to fabricate.

Please inquire with the custom size you would like for a quote on price and lead time. Shipping is $24.95.

Includes Instruction sheet!

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Tray Mold without Divider
$160.00 plus $21.95 Shipping = $181.95

Tray Mold with Divider and Mini Pusher
$245.00 plus $24.95 Shipping = $269.95

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